upCYCLINGheadwear | Schnittmuster, 4panel (Downloadlink in „Beschreibung“)
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Schnittmuster, 4panel (Downloadlink in „Beschreibung“)



Download: uC_Schnittmuster

Want to sew a cap by yourself?
Get our beloved „ORIGINAL“ pattern. It’s a four panel wich looks like a 8 panel cap!
You’ll need: fabric, an old plastic folder, a soft rubber or old bike tube and if you want it to be perfect you should have some „Schrägband“.

1: Take nice fabrics (try to recycle fabric or at least take an eko fabric <3 )
2: Cut out the big pattern 4 times, and the smaller one 2 times.
3: Sew the middel part od the big ones.
4: Sew the big ones together.
5: Take some old plastic folders or yogurt cups and cut the smaller pattern out of it (5mm smaller)
6: Sew the 2small fabric patterns together – only the convex side.
7: Turn it and put the plastic inside. Now, sew it on the concav side to fix it
8: Position the Schrägband in the inner site of the cap. You need to fix the small pattern (Sturz) between the cap and the Schrägband. This is a bit tricky.
9: Before you close the Schrägband, fix a rubber or 5-7cm of bike tube in the back part of the cap.

Need a more detailed instruction? Contaced me hallo@upcycling-headwear.de or watch this short video: https://www.facebook.com/2038344929727158/videos/2038746179687033/